I am here!


Original Art By Teja Krašek

I am here! By Rania M M Watts 

angelic feathers
   melt from the inside out
      to produce demon wings 
         however, that\’s not what occurred 
            bat textured appendages
              only tethered to the left side 
                   of an unaware body      
                      with one horn which protrudes 
                         slightly above teal quirky curls 
                            directly above a half halo 
               innate goodness does not exist 
                 neither does evil — there is a balance 
                    to the dogma associated with views 
                       housed in perspective to ultimate 
                          balance — motivation houses
                             a tremendous component 
                                to ensure accessibility 
                                   and conceived thought  

             some kinds of chimera\’s
          house the ability to sense 
       the pain which echoes from the core
   of an unstable society — apart from the eyeline 
     their existence is to reside and walk all over
       the great mother\’s face in their bare printed 
          feet in secrecy as society would not be able 
            to completely comprehend their existence 
               is a cryptex that should be left closed 
                  not just anyone can handle 
                     the truth the universe
                        provides — some 
                          are meant 
                             to be
                         of hushed

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