i remember                                                                 
exactly what i was                                                      
doing — when i first
heard of the godfather
i was seated at a table

adorned with pickles,
olives, rice and romano
beans — with my parental units
along with the gentleman
who was responsible
for the kitchen

the mafia
stories that came
from his mouth
oozed quickly
to that of a toothpaste
tube that\’s squeezed
right in the centre
creating one long projectile
in motion — which desperately 
had to land all over a newly
cleaned mirror

now, that i watched
all three movies
i can not believe
how many references
there are to the godfather
on this earth and probably
all the others in the

in battle
take it to the mattresses
because whenever
one states it\’s not personal
don\’t believe them
as much as they convince

you — it\’s only business

it\’s ALWAYS personal!   

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