the delight of fright!

 remember the days
    when horror movies 
       used various props 
           in lieu of fancy graphics?
              don\’t get me wrong 
                 i relish film evolution

                    the momentum in my cortex
              shifts to the alien autopsy 
           the level of preparation 
        caution to create a realistic 
     environment of an investigative 
  death and a body riddled with lifelike 
     organs, blood, tables, even the careful 
       consideration of the phone used 
          on the clinical walls 

              i appreciate this microfilm
                 as not only was it brilliantly 
                    executed but also something 
                       that was believed amongst 
                          a plethora of individuals 
                             one hoax that resonated 
                                through an ocean\’s 

                      this induced bravery 
                    to do something bold 
                 has me in profound thought

               what will my alien autopsy be?

            and how will my life impact 
          our vast earth that weeps 
       for all? 

        answers are never simple
    to discover — however they definately 
 house an aspect of whimsy worthy
   of introspection — it\’s not about 
      transcendence of those who came 
         before — it\’s about equality 
            of choice and individual 

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