I want to tell you all about my friend Tony, you will honestly never meet a kinder more eclectic soul on this entire beautiful universe.  I am quite fortunate to be constantly surrounded and am appreciative to hear each sung note during whatever live show I am listening to wether it be at: The Bedford, Pizza Express with iLo or the little vignettes Tony records while he travels. If you listen closely to Tony\’s music you\’ll find that there are various themes that he relishes exploring, such as: Quantum Entanglement, Hope, Resilience, Bravery, and Love just to name a few.  The apparent symbiosis between Tony\’s lyrics and music is as real as it gets, the authenticity that oozes from his timber and expression can distill a million and one emotions. When I think of how many of Tony\’s songs have rendered me to: laughter, tears, and thoughtfulness. 

I have been planning this birthday surprise since last October 12, I thought it might be a whimsical venture to list some of my favourite songs by Tony — 63 in fact.  There were SO MANY songs to choose from as Tony\’s repertoire is ridiculously vast — enough to occupy the entirety of the Grand Canyon — I reckon.  As someone who has been listening to Tony\’s work for decades now, this was such a fun post to harvest content for. While, I sit and listen to the list of PHENOMENAL tunes by Tony.  

I am so grateful that I was able to select certain songs from various RIGHT HERE! With Tony Moore live Facebook shows.  I don\’t know if you are aware but on March 24, 2020 Tony set off to entertain the world via a nightly show from 8:00 -10:00 pm daily UK time.  These shows helped everyone to cope with the consistent sense of impending doom that the world had felt, Tony was not having it — he was prepared to spread love and light with all of his music for everyone to listen to. The main premise being the power of music can heal any ache. 

Thank you Tony for your constant gift of music! You ASTONISH ME!


Without further ado please hear my list of my favourite 63 Tony Moore songs below, those links with timestamps are where you can find the song listed! 

Happy listening everyone. 

Rania Watts, CCIQ Press Founder 

P.S. I would like to extend my gratitude my partners in crime for this labour of love Filmmaker Spyros Melaris & my daughter Danny Watts for all of the effort they bled into this venture with me.  

😘 You Ruined My Life In A Beautiful Way Fast Forward to 3:23

🎹  Anthem Fast Forward to 1:53:22


🧭 Make A Change Fast Forward to 3:24


👼 Some Kind of Angel Fast Forward to 22:04


 ✷ Stardust Fast Forward to 1:38:25 


🎶 Let Your Heart Begin To Sing Fast Forward to 42:45

🖋 Dear Me 


🎯 The Search For Universal Truth 


🎡 The Innocence Of Youth 

👀 Tunnel Vision 


⏰ This is My Time 151:12 XX

 🌊 Here Come The Waves Fast Forward to 155:15


💖 This Vigil Is Mine Fast Forward to 42:06

 🕯 We Are The Light 


⭐ My Beautiful Universe Fast Forward to 107:05 

🍷 No Torti No Party 

🏠 Face In The Window Fast Forward to 9:42

👻  On My Own 


➻ I Cry For You Fast Forward 134:23


👽 So Many Ways Of Missing You 

🍰 Crave You 


💝 Jeanie\’s Theme 


☀ She’s The Sun Fast Forward to 58:34 

💗  I Love You Just In Case Fast Forward to 52:55 

💧  Holy Water Fast Forward to 49:36

🎸  Rockstars Don\’t Retire 

🐢 I Believe In You 

★ Good Enough 

⚡ Perfect & Beautiful 


🎨 She Has An Eye Fast Forward to 144:50


🌸 Save The Day 

💕 Love Never Dies


💘 Forgiving Heart Fast Forward to 149:49

🩹 Only Love Can Heal You 

💜  That’s My Love 

🎠 She’s A Dreamer 

❆ Frozen Here Fast Forward to 23:23

💞  Without You 


👿 Hell Yeah Fast Forward to 38:06

🎅 Santa’s My Mum 

👻 Chasing Ghosts Fast Forward to 26:25


💡 Love Is Light Fast Forward to 24:38

💣 BOOM (What The Funk) 

I’ll Never Quit On You Fast Forward to 41:50

🌺 Astonishing Fast Forward to 135:35

😍 That Girl Is Mine Fast Forward to 34:58


👀 You You Are 

🔥  The Rules Of Passion Fast Forward to 36:10

💟  I Still Have Faith In Love 

🎈  Made in  77 

💙 Love Will Still Remain Fast Forward to  49:30


👻 Don’t Listen To The Past  

💛  Where You Belong Fast Forward to 1:27:57

 🌴 Shake Your Tree 

💘  Love Is The Place We Belong Fast Forward to 13:01

 🌻 The Best Day Of My Life 

 🎵 You Are My Song Fast Forward to 1:38:05 


😱 Age Of Fear Fast Forward to 3:18 


👻 Why Do You Always Haunt Me Fast Forward to 49:37


🔑 What Is The Meaning Of It All Fast Forward to 33:20


🪐 The YOU In Universal 

 💋 The Truth Beneath Your Skin 

🌙  Goodnight Fast Forward to 1:50:30


  1. Wow Rania, what a thoughtful and magnificent archive you’ve created here. Must have taken you such a long time to compile, but so satisfying. Incredible. 👏👏👏


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