"The job of an educator is to teach students to see vitality in themselves." (Campbell, n.d.)

 You know 
   I never thought 
      in a millions years 
        that a return to academia 
          would indeed be possible 
             I handed in my first paper
                APA style — I miss the days 
                    of old where a proper 
                      bibliography was required 

                      moreover over I am truly
                        fascinated by a plagiarism 
                           checker — the one subject 
                               that infinitely enrages 
                                  poets — nevertheless

                                  I find this new way 
                               to chronicle, to be riddled
                          with intrigue — In my opinion
                      it fills a desire to constantly 

                   be ensconced with bubbles of original 
                thoughts — nothing borrowed only poise 
              of expression from a cortex
            lined with effortless authenticity

         to feel that state of freedom 
       to constantly be aware 
    of everything thought 
   brought forth — 

*Title Quote: Joseph Campbell

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