"Miss the beat, you lose the rhythm And nothing falls into place, no Only missed by a fraction Slipped a little off your pace, oh"

cassette teenager  
  that was me — i relished
    the concept of mixtape
       tracks — an emotional 
         compilation received 
            from the core of one
               to the fiber of another 

      propelled by an intense idiosyncratic 
         system — it was not enough 
           to simply record the tracks
              on the cassette 

          i used to paint the actual 
            tape once i\’d recorded 
              all the songs i\’d desired 
      i yearned for something tactile 
   to merge everything together 
 in my opinion to simply gift
   someone you adore a compilation 
      that is supposed to echo 
        your truest desire 
           to simply hand write
              a list of songs 
                 onto the blank
                    provided cover
              seems utterly mundane 
                 and was not for me 

     i miss my tapes — the manner
  in which the ribbons were abused 
    with pause, fast forward or rewind 
       although they would get stuck 
         sometimes and the tape attached 
            to the reels would unravel 
                that\’s when a pencil 
                   came in handy 

        our contemporary digital world
          offers a plethora of scope 
            for the imagination
                 however the inertia connection 
                    to buttons on a machine
                       as opposed to a simple 

                              affords an aged mind\’s
                                memories to linger 
                                    to reminisce 
Title Quote: Van Halen 

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