Collaboration Announcement!

I am so excited to announce my collaboration with Artist Matjuška Teja Krašek. I genuinely appreciate the unique layers of Teja\’s work as it\’s nothing ordinary, and so incredibly unique. Teja creates these exceptional geometric shaped images and in motion pieces that forces the one looking upon the art to want to simply slip and fall into all of the mysterious shapes and vibrant hues that are ever present within Teja\’s work. As a child, I so desperately wanted to draw but could not form the shapes in the manner in which I appreciated. I firmly believe there is more than one way to skin a cat or make lemonade, that is when I literally stole my dad\’s old flow chart creator from him. All the shapes were so new and invited me to create snakes steeped in; trapezoids, diamonds, parallelograms, ovals, and lightning bolts. Each contour had a different purpose for optimal use of a flow chart but I did not care I used the stencil any which way I desired and just created. I would blend the colours in between the shapes and explore my love of art through the outline. That is exactly how I feel when I look at Teja\’s unique pieces. The images Teja designs have an authentic influence of both Art & Science, my favourite is when she merges her shapes in videos — a living breathing organism is created in a technological home.

Art Credit Teja 

Timeline Oubliette by Rania M M Watts 

twisted tesseract 
    a geometric form
       which chronicles 
          our lives from 
             the dawn of time 

         you know 
            i never gave
               a tremendous 
                  thought towards
                     the concept 
                        of the first blast
                           of light our great 
                               mother afforded 

          now it\’s essential 
             answers be provided 
                what occurred 
                    when the universe\’s
                      experience its first breath
                         with the presence 
                             of the primeval atom
                 what was it like?
                    i wonder if the galaxy
                       could feel lungs 
                          of fresh air 
                             with adjoined 
                                blasts of victory 

              back then — do you think
           the macrocosm had the knowledge  
        to know of all the original questions 
      which surrounded its initial existence
         or void of any expression 
            which would render future
                inhabitants to provide
                   the emotion via 
                       the will of pure

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