Daniela made its way from the UK to my grubby little paws By Rania M M Watts

You know, life is really funny sometimes.  Yesterday in the early am my time, mid morning UK time, I was speaking to Georgia and she asked if I\’d received Daniela yet — as it had been sent about a week-and-a-half-ago. My response was no, as it hadn\’t arrived yet.  Yesterday was a long day riddled with headaches and a ton of studying for my courses. Something funny happened — I sent Jordan downstairs to check the mail and when she arrived home with a white envelope in bubble wrap from the UK I thought — FABULOUS Daniela finally made its way here.  False alarm, it was the Aloy plushy I purchased for my youngest daughter.  Mind you she was really excited to finally receive it! 

Deflated, I continued with my school work, by the time I was done, I was shattered  — as I was up early at 3:30 am.  When I finally woke from crashing there was this padded manila coloured envelope with a post park from the UK — with an address I\’d recognised beside me on my bed. I was so tremendously excited as I genuinely LOVE Daniela — I\’ve been DYING for the sequel.  The first thing I did before even opening the lovely red tissue paper adorned with a perfectly tied red bow and floppy elegant ears, that were yearning for someone to pull at one of the end — was to send a picture directly to Gigi.  Her response was \”open it.\” The first thing I noticed was the perfume, it was so beautiful my oubliette still lingers with the aroma of the delicious scent.  And then, there it was Daniela in my hands all 427 pages with an excerpt from my review on the last page.  

I am so delighted to have a full tactile experience with Daniela as opposed to reading it on my phone.  I\’ve adored Daniela from the first moment I read it.  You have to understand, over the last few years the only novel I\’ve really read was Play The Devil by Scott Laudati and the rest of the books were all poetry based.  The majority of the novels on my shelf to be honest are utterly riddled with page markers — I read Daniela very quickly.  Not because it was an easy read, Daniela and her story is far from easy — it is a carefully layered cake with so much to offer.  It was because the content flowed with with lucid imagery, the novel unfolded through my imagination as a movie.  I was unable to control myself, I needed to finish it, I yearned to know what happened to all of the characters.  You see the brilliance of what Gigi has created is immense, for those of you who are unfamiliar with Daniela I will tell you right now, Daniela is indeed based on true events and is the composite character to the stories of many women.  

I would recommend this book to anyone it\’s one of the truest love stories I\’ve ever read. You can get your own copy of Daniela here! 

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