Back then and now!

Trigger warning! This piece houses several stories of abuse from survivors, it is written in the first person as a composite character narrative. 

abuser: \”what the hell is that?\”

victim: \”it\’s my new suit — do you like it? 
            i purchased it from sirens last week
            i simply relish the feel of the fabric
            and how it fits.\” 

abuser: \”it makes you look like you work in a laboratory
             as a tech assistant!\” 

victim: \”no! it doesn\’t — sirens is a contemporary
            store. and i bought these shoes too.\”

abuser: \”those are so f*cking ugly! why would you 
             purchase shoes with that large a belt 
             buckle on them? you look like a quaker
             that just walked off the mayflower. instead
             of it being on your hat it\’s on your footwear.\”

victim: \”i thought they were whimsical with the slight
            platform heel.\”

abuser violently grabs the victim and rips the brand new  
suit off of her body and feet, leaving her only in a bra,
lady boxers, and fuzzy purple socks on the cold tile 
marble floor. as he proceeds to throw the new outfit 
and accessories into oncoming traffic. silent whimpers 
exit the victim. 

abuser: \”i never want you to ever purchase anything 
             like that ever again or you will be met with 
             the same fate as your clothes.  you see all 
             the cars about there?  they are driving over
             your new ugly a** outfit.\”

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