Victim Impact Statement

*Trigger Warning  

who will speak for the dead? 
  who will speak for the battered 
     woman now buried inside the earth 
     who will speak for the stolen children 
        sold off at market as though 
           they are shylock\’s pound of flesh 

         who will speak for the bullied teens
            who take their on life in a manner 
               that would put most deaths to shame 

               who will speak for the elderly 
                   who are strapped to their beds 
                      who suffocate at the hands 
                          of their abuser 

            the macabre aspect 
              to research the history 
                  of these victims
                     one will discover 
                         unwarranted pain   
                            inflicted in a manner
                               of rage which transcends 
                                   abusers to the level 
                                      of untamed  

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