Poetry finds a new home at Melaris in Print! By Rania M M Watts

*Image Credit Valisa Bernardino 

I have decided to give my books a bit of a facelift with a new publishing house behind me.  As most of my readers know, I’ve been working on my 5th book \’Verity\’, which is now finished and almost ready to make its debut.  Verity is my true opus, it’s the one book I’ve literally been planning for decades, the one that took a very long time to write.  I was formulating ideas for this chapbook throughout my placements, times in college or even the small professional life I’ve had.  The question of Verity always stuck by me – a simultaneous blue rose and thorn.  my desire was undeniable,  to comprehend the truth behind humanity propelled me for so long.  Now, that it’s complete and I am working towards Volume 2, I am extremely solidified in my vision.  Verity will be a three-volume series with lyrical forewords by my dear friend Tony Moore.  And, the best news of all, two more people I adore Georgia & Spyros Melaris founders of Melaris In Print Publishing House will be publishing it.  And, all of my books from Amazon will be removed from my Amazon to the Melaris In Print Family with new poems and fresh cover layout with the original art by none other than my Resident Artist Valisa Bernardino.  You can read all about my debut book called Verity on the Melaris in Print website. Happy reading coming soon.

*Image credit Spyros Melaris 

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