"This is our sanctuary We can find shelter and peace This is our sanctuary You are, you are safe with me"

let\’s take a moment 
     to seriously analyse 
          the validation 
       in the word sanctuary

references to hallowed ground
    always seem to consistently 
      be mentioned nevertheless 
         there\’s more depth 
            than one is aware 

it\’s certainly 
       not one person 
            place or thing 
a culmination 
     of petals when merged
         together authentically 
             form a flower 

concepts from the bowels 
    and the mountain peaks 
         of our ethereal essence 
              that is of course 
         if we as humans 
    truly house a soul 
in our strong yet brittle

    i wonder what the ideal 
 sanctuary would look like 

  a treehouse located 
deep within a vineyard 

     or perhaps 
a cloudy with a chance 
 of meatballs giant ice cream
     and candy sprinkles 
         fall from an unwilling 

or perhaps 
   my ultimate 

         on a giant bean bag 
        marshmallow cloud    
    with walls made from wind 
 and the light of the milky way 
   to saturate my space with whatever 
      script my heart desires 
            to write

* Title Quote: Sanctuary, Welshly Arms

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