As today is Singer/Songwriter iLO\’s birthday I thought it might be fun for me to list my favourite top 10 songs from her vast repertoire.  I\’ve seen every single one of iLO\’s lock down shows and have stated a plethora of times but must do so again — the character in which iLO possesses is one that houses a tremendous work ethic but also one that is equally ensconced in fun.  Simultaneous Rock n\’ Roll and so beyond adorable — iLO always puts in 125% towards all of her performances and constantly pushes herself to be the best artist possible.  And, extremely humble to boot — I find that now a days I seek to listen to Singer/Songwriters who house not only an exceptional backstory and talent but also those with such profound humility and appreciation. As someone who has listened to iLO\’s music now for about 5 1/2 years I feel so fortunate to have watched her transition into being one of most incredible and tenacious artists out there.  From listening to all of her story introductions from her shows, it\’s evident iLO\’s genius is equally riddled in taking difficult life challenging moments and transforming those instances into a song that encapsulates not only growth but also strength.  For more information you can check out iLO\’s site here! 

Beautiful Country 

Love\’s Out The Window 

Safety Net 

Lost In A Dark Place (Kiss Me Back To Life) 




Best Day Of My Life 


Back To You 


Heroes In Disguise 


Love Is Stupid 

Sing For You 

Happy Birthday iLO! Wishing you every success with plenty of songwriting years!!! ❤ 

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