Lust, Love, Lingerie, and More! Jordan Watts

 For those of you who\’ve been following CCIQ Press you\’re not OBLIVIOUS to the fact that I genuinely ADORE Daniela by Georgia Melaris.  So much so that while I read Daniela — I hinted to my oldest daughter Jordan how much of a delicious and human read Daniela is — with a myriad of subjects and infinite layers. Jordan quickly learned as I did on about page 3 of Daniela that the reader doesn\’t have a hope in hell of desiring to put the book down in lieu of errands that must be completed. Someone once told me that my poetry is like the Aha song Take On Me —  as it completely sucks the viewer into the comic world — that is how I felt reading Daniela. I know Jordan felt it too as it did not take her long to finish — Daniela is a quick read with intertwined thought provoking subjects. The review and image below are courtesy of Jordan. Happy reading. Oh, and by the way — if you\’d like to get your copy Daniela is available here .

Rania Watts, Founder CCIQ Press 

Lust, Love, Lingerie, and More! Jordan Watts 

    Daniela is a thrilling sexy romantic story. Like life, this story has ups and downs. I personally admire how the author (Georgia Melaris) wrote this book. She is very good at balancing the light-hearted moments with heavy ones. I love her style of writing where she makes you figure out things for yourself. She retains the element of surprise and you never know what\’s going to happen next. This is what I find thrilling about this story it drags you in and it becomes addicting to read. The storyline is not only amazing, but the characters are as well! Each and every character in Daniela, are extremely well structured. There are quite a bit of cardboard characters in movies and books we often run into. I can 100% guarantee you that these guys and gals are most definitely NOT cardboard! These characters are so human it is unreal. When a character feels a strong emotion, such as happiness or anger you can feel it too. Some of them, you can\’t help but route for. Even the a-holes are written well! 

    My all time favourite character in Daniela is Natalia. Natalia is Daniela\’s closest friend and in her early thirties. Natalia values Daniela\’s well-being and does anything she can to help. She is my favourite character because she is not only kind to Daniela but she is also a lot of fun. When she enters a scene, I feel almost relieved because I feel nothing can go wrong. Which is true the majority of the time. She is one of the many likeable characters, but for every good character there is at least one bad one. My least favourite character in Daniela is Sophia. Sophia is blond, slightly chubbier and younger than Daniela. Sophia is  a toxic friend to Daniela and doesn\’t care how she feels. She is my least favourite character because she is obnoxious. In fact, obnoxious is an understatement, she\’s rude and childish. When Sophia enters a scene, I feel all tense and know that something is up. Natalia and Sophia both play a huge role in Daniela\’s life. Whether I like them or not, each person has an important of this book. With an awesome storyline, and characters you will also have great and interesting chapters. This story has no fluff or filler chapters, each one either adds to the story or exclaims the past of a certain character. For example, the first few chapters dig deep into Daniela\’s life. They talk about her past years of prostitution, her parents and her husband Demetri. The chapters are so good that it feels scenes from a movie. This story almost gives you a mental picture of what is happening. From the description to the dialogue, it almost feels like you are in the scene itself. I don\’t think that I can talk about these chapters without giving anything away. I can tell you one thing about some of the chapters, the sex scenes are very unique. 

    Though Daniela, is considered to be an Erotic novel, I think it fits more under the genre of Romance. I prod this because, when a character makes love in this story, you feel more of the love instead of the lust. People talk about sex like it\’s something scandalous and weird, when really sex is a beautiful thing that can bring two people closer. Now let me talk about the sex scenes. What I like about them is that there is no mention of genitalia. You\’re probably sitting there right now going… \”what?\” Let us go further. When I say this I mean that the author (Georgia Melaris) does not use specific words such as \’penis\’ or \’vagina\’. Not to mention those scenes are very detailed. Instead she uses pretty gripping words such as \’throbbing bulge\’ or \’pulsating flame\’. I prefer this because it add more meaning to the scene and her her replacements are better. This book isn\’t particularly raunchy or kinky so if you are looking for that, this is not the book for you. Now I\’ve heard a lot about this book being compared the 50 Shades Of Grey. Okay, look this book is NOTHING like 50 Shades Of Grey. That book is purely based off of BDSM and this book only has one kinky scene where they use a blindfold, that\’s it. Daniela just has good old fashioned and the art of sex. Again, my fellow readers, if you want raunchy this isn\’t it.

    This brings me to the end of my review, I hope I didn\’t bore you to death. The link above my review is there — if you are interested! Besides that enjoy this story, it\’s amazing characters and storyline. I hope, you end up reading Daniela, you\’ll have a good laugh — you\’ll cry, you\’ll just have a blast.  I also hope that you can handle the great emotional roller coaster that is Daniela.

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