“I refuse to be a scapegoat for which something I bear no responsibility. It’s a theme in my life.”

crimson bonds 
   are supposedly 
       the strongest 
          what a bunch 
      of horse pucky 
what occurs to a human\’s
    state of mind when forced 
       to confront the fact
            those cockroaches 
      who constantly lay blame
  and the feet of the most idiosyncratic
     character — consistently 
        from fear — liars will eventually 
           be forced to articulate 
               a fate so severe 
                      is stolen 

     i never confronted you in life 
         but will confront you in death
             someone who claims 
                 to be a man of god 
                      could house 
                          a demeanour 
                  of disgust for anything 
             related to uniqueness 

      it\’s always the odd personalities 
  that are heavily criticized by people 
     who are oblivious to that fact 
         retribution does not exist 
             for these types of demons 
                 only an oubliette
                       with torched 

Title Quote: Lucifer 

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