"ka-kí-kiskéyihtétan óma, namoya kinwés maka aciyowés pohko óma óta ka-hayayak wasétam askihk, ékwa ka-kakwéy miskétan kiskéyihtamowin, iyinísiwin, kistéyitowin, mina nánisitotatowin kakiya ayisiniwak, ékosi óma kakiya ka-wahkotowak."

\”Realize that we as human beings have been put on this earth for only a short time and that we must use this time to gain wisdom, knowledge, respect and the understanding for all human beings since we are all relatives.\” Cree Proverb 

justification of poor treatment
     should NEVER come to pass
          as an idealist i am aware 
              that global peace is intangible
           for verity to reign there must be placed 
       a course of action that requires serious 
          study and meditation 

    ancestors please listen 
 i am utterly apologetic to your plight 
  the indigenous peoples of time 
    have been mistreated on an exceptional 
      level — and for what? 

        does not afford 
           a sustainable model 
           embellishes cores 
                to disallow 
                   altruistic renders 
              of anything earned 
           in the absence of a price 

                there will always 
           be a revolution steeped 
        where there are chimeras 
    who wish to evolve as intended 
 are able to do freely — 

why does 
    that concept threaten? 

       why not appreciate? 
   why not use your powers for good? 
why not allow yourself a moment?

 engrossed in the well being 
     of our precious mother earth 
          who aches with each breath
                the wind embellishes 
                     to remind that although

                 one may be as small
                         as a needle optic 
                             doesn\’t mean
                         they are to be ignored     

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