Collaboration with: Paula Love Clark & Rania M M Watts

This Ole Block 

By: Paula Love Clark 


Started as a block of stone,

Wood, marble or maybe bronze.

Pure, complete and wholesome whole

With a heart not yet turned to stone.


But life came and chipped a little

Like a newborn baby’s tooth,

Then someone took a hammer

And took and took and took.


Soon there was a sculpture,

And soon my shape had gone

Soon my heart was aching

With a wretched, saddened song.


The monsters came and scratched

Whilst the jealous they all spat

And the purest marble, wood or bronze

Was broken just like that.


\”Dear God! How beauty varies in nature and art. In a woman the flesh must be like marble; in a statue the marble must be like flesh.\”

By: Rania M M Watts, Title Quote: Victor Hugo 


there are some days 

     i imagine what my life 

 would be as a great artist 

     like camille claudel 

 to be the one responsible 

   for the shape of a statue 

       the textures of smooth 

          skin with a shiny surface 

that is what i see 

     when i gaze upon an effigy   

head on — i seem to forget 

  the work and appreciate

       the final stage

what no one ever discusses 

    are the inner components 

         that must be forged 

  did you know statues on the inside 

look similar to that of the reverse 

  of a hand cross stitched needlepoint?


  when microthreads securely

           squeezed together as each stitch

   is made — however, on the other side 

       it\’s a complete and utter discombobulation 

             no one ever appreciates process 

     the ability to take a cube of whatever 

             material and begin to relish  

                contours and the endless 

                       unslept nights 

                  to maneuver 

     something delightful on the outside 

            paired with inner annihilation 

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