Body by MK McWilliams & Queens of the Quill By Sonja Mabel McClure

The whimsical aspect of being founder of CCIQ Press is that I can post whatever I want — whenever I want.  If you take a look at the recent themes from our idiosyncratic female collective education as pertaining to women has taken a front row seat. With a strong emphasis on not only what it means to be a woman but how we can better our lives by fortifying our strength. Below you will find thought provoking pieces by two of my scribes: MK McWilliams & Sonja Mabel McClure both very different poets but so incredibly relevant with their work output via their passion of the written word. 

Rania M M Watts, Founder of CCIQ Press 


by MK McWilliams 

I will not apologize for my body.

Full stop.

I will not apologize for the freckles and marks and lines and scars that “mar” my skin.

I will not apologize for the way my hips swing or the size of my ass or how my breasts look.

I will not say sorry for showing cleavage or wearing a short skirt because some people cannot handle the image of a woman\’s flesh.

I will not apologize for the looser skin on the tummy of this body that birthed the greatest light in my life. 

This body that, even when sick and scared and suffering, kept me alive when I almost wasn\’t anymore.

This body that slowly recovered but will never be the same. 

This body that walks, runs, jumps, swims, ambles in nature with the most precious appreciation of it and itself.

This body that is capable of holding on tightly and giving physical comfort to my loved ones.

This body that relishes in giving pleasure to my lover and receives pleasure in return in the most extraordinary way.

I will not apologize for any of it. And neither should you.

Queens of the Quill 

By Sonja Mabel McClure 



authentic creators,

magnificent thinkers

seep splendor and imagination


crocheting words as lace,

filaments of crystalline images

and ideas intersect

into webs of poetry


to combine the talents,

the strength of Maya

the innovation of Adrienne

the fearlessness of Sylvia

the complexities of Emily


to acquire such skills

and brilliance,

electricity conveyed via fingertips

For more information on MK or Sonja check out Quill Fated Scribes for bios! 

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