"My people will sleep for one hundred years, but when they awake, it will be the artists who give them their spirit back."

a specific 

  cataclysmic event 

      burst her ocean blue optics 

  furnished with flex of sunlight 

      indigenous ancestors

          fuel a truth of desire 

    for society to finally 

    appreciate the balance 

       of plasma which ravages 

  the entity of our being 

     terra firma has been pillaged 

        and raped a myriad of times 

    yet the people\’s of the earth 

       resilience has proven 

           steeped in fortitude

        as the red wood 

                 forest conceals 

             all imperfections 



             opens up so much projection

       for an imagination that requires 

            the breath of air that is fresh 

                   infinite and poignant 


  Title Quote: Louis Riel

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