My heart isn\’t black by Artemis Skye McNeil

I have to admit, I honestly relish the writers of this blog! Each one of them unique and strong in their own idiosyncratic way.  I\’ve learned over the years there are women out there who would not comprehend support and talent — even if a MASSIVE sized Looney Tunes anvil fell of their obtuse head.  The truth of the matter is that CCIQ Press has become a judgement free solace and place for the ultimate in personal expression.  I\’m so appreciative to house such strong writers inside of my virtual rooms with an invisible planchement. I mean when you have scribes who state \”hope is a rebellion\” with true understanding — it houses versification that will render you into a puddle of brains to contemplate what it  means. This piece below by Artemis Skye McNeil should be read and appreciated for the honesty and beauty it beholds. 

Rania M M Watts, Founder CCIQ Press 

My heart isn\’t black by Artemis Skye McNeil 

It\’s well-
Organ colored
My blood is not full of glitter
It runs red when

I bleed

I believe that’s enough

I don\’t have personal demons
dancing on someone\’s grave
I just have good and bad days
I’m normally happy
I laugh

I pray

I’m grateful and give
Contemplative and quiet
I get mad and scream
I get sad and cry
Depressed and sleep

But I know I’m alive
(it’s what the living do)

I believe that’s enough

Yes I am alive
I strive high and drive higher

At times I want to run
but mostly stand my ground
and move through
Days Weeks Months Years

some with effortless ease
some by effort and exertion
some tediously

A few I barely get through

Time blurs through “the dash”
Moments  freeze
Forgotten for a while
in Memory

Like a quaint little town
in a snow globe
shaken periodically
A silent bubbled world of
beautiful recollection
and painful nostalgia
A place
A town
A home
A feeling
The snow settles back to stillness

Fade to life

Right now
I am foremost a woman
Created with a
Passionate heart
Willing body
Eager mind

I love

These things I nurture
and use to capacity
If some believe this makes me
more than most
I’m humbled

But disagree

I believe it’s just enough
Because I’m alive

It’s what the living and moving do

I breathe

Nurse wounded souls
Show kindness
Welcome strangers
Fight battles for others
(and myself)
Assist and defend
as many as I can
with what I know and believe in

Why embellish?
Truth is awe inspiring enough

I live life

I share words
and hope

I look up

I believe that\’s enough
I am enough

That\’s enough
I have some more
living and giving
to do

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