"Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars."

i don\’t know 
   if you are aware 
being the chamber 
   for a resilient core 
      is probably 
 one of the most difficult
       things to house 

life decides 
  if it\’s ok to pile
     the proverbial rubbish
  regardless of how i cope 
     being tossed 
             into the fire      

    nearly 50 decades 
 on this earth has proven
to me that being able to endure 
  is not something everyone 
      can accept through 
         the course of their journey 

 i speak to the ability 
    in those who doubt 
       what is the definition 
           of their purpose 
    backbones are not born
they are forged through flames 
  that attempt to melt 
        a metal encased being 
who refuses to be rendered 
        idle — lives concealed 
     from the days of old
       may be playful later 
    but for now 
         this is my one chance 
     you are afforded the same 
         if you stop being 
              so riddled 
        with poison 
             and i don\’t mean 
                 the dior kind 

*Title Quote: Kahlil Gibran

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