"You\’re my favourite Dodo."

a giant slumber party

   that\’s exactly how i felt 
      when i married my twin flame 
  17 years later — my emotions 
      have not wavered 
        …actually, they\’ve amplified 
  over the decade and change 

       when you marry a human 
  who comprehends
        the core of the cornucopia 
           offered from your spirit 
            and affords a freedom
        that doesn\’t include judgement
            the only sentiment 
                resides with gratitude 

   at times i can be an unconventional idealist 
       someone who genuinely believes 
          in the verity of impossible 

      it\’s not the rose coloured glasses 
           i sport — mine are steeped 
              in hues of simultaneous
                   ocean/sky blue 

          although my home is found 
              inside of green speckled 
                      flecks of yellow     

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