Publication Fruition of Verity Vol 1!!!

Right at the beginning of my Fourth Semester of my Social Service Worker Diploma, I had my first anxiety attack after the death of a good friend  — from complications due to AIDS.  Ronnie\’s death perpetuated reflection on a MASSIVE scale, as he was not the only casualty — in fact his passing was the first in a string that year.  It was at that exact time that I knew I needed to study and learn about the Verity of Humanity.  My fifth book Verity, which will be released on September 17, 2020 is the first of three volumes which explores my addiction to humanity and the human condition via micro plays. 

Moreover, as serendipity should have it a few months ago the perfect song lyrics made their way to my inbox.  When I heard this specific composition my core completely stopped cold, as I\’d realised it completely encapsulated everything I was trying to achieve within the pages of Verity. I am so grateful to my dear friend Tony Moore for allowing me to utilize his song Anthem as my foreword.  Anthem hypnotises the listener to stop and appreciate the inner strength we possess, even though life ALWAYS attempts to toss ice-cubes in our faces as we try to acknowledge our strength and endurance.  Which was honestly the perfect pairing to my opus. 

Above you will see the illustration that CCIQ Press\’ Resident Artist Valisa Bernardino designed for the Verity cover.  I wanted the outside of Verity to reflect her insides and what better way to do it than to ask Val sketch a tree with various birds in discussion with each other.  To me Val\’s illustration looks like engrossed dialogue — which is the exact reaction I want Verity to radiate. 

Verity has been decades in the making, I feel fortunate to be able to explore humanity via poetry as it cements my comprehension of the human condition. 
Keep an eye out for Verity coming out on the precipice of Fall 2020, where so many new adventures await. 

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