"I want a love with no shelf life And no expiration date."

Ok, before I start to write a rave review about \’Keys of Love\’ by Artemis Skye McNeil I\’d like to discuss how this extremely beautiful book of exhilarating versification arrived.  When I first took \’Keys of Love\’ out from it\’s outer envelope I was met with something  in artisanal paper carefully wrapped. And if that weren\’t enough it was tied with a nice piece of twine, sealed and stamped with wax, with a key stamp, and a little ornate key tied to one end of the twine.  That specific key is currently in my Baby Yoda\’s hands on my desk, he keeps me company and the key reminds me of the power of love — which is exactly what Ari\’s book is about. Oh and before I forget — Ari adds little extras when she prepares her parcels for excited readers.  I had received a funky page marker with these beautiful keys that I completely fell in love with — and totally appreciate. One key had the face of a skeleton with a joker smile (which is my favourite by the way), the second was a crescent moon, the third had a the stem which appeared as though there\’s an arrow embedded, and the final houses flower petals inside the handle. Let\’s just say it was quite the elegant parcel, now to the quintessence…. 

If we are to take a look historically at subjects written throughout time, I\’d have to say love is an incredibly universal subject.  However the experiences we share within that adoration is specifically unique to who we are and what we scribe.  I have to admit, I relished exploration of the four loves of the Greek language being: Storge; an empathic love, Philia; a friend love, Eros; romantic love, and Agape; unconditional \”God\” love. The manner in which Ari breaks down Keys Of Love with each amour being provided their own corner for which readers can explore and ponder is not only thoughtful but conducive to comprehension.  I have to admit, I spent time reading Keys but I stayed longest on Agape. Agape to me, is one of the purest loves anyone can ever experience as it is simply love.  Let me try to properly convey what I am thinking. Agape is absence of: romance, friendship or empathy — it calls us to love wholey as human beings.  It\’s the unconditional love that renders our world moments woven of peace between verity. And, the way Ari writes about it leaves me feeling like a better human being for having read it. It reminds me of my personal Yoda and brought back so many memories. 

Although Keys Of Love is organized in various sections, it\’s one that can be picked up and read from any page.  Ari is exceptionally particular when it comes to expressing herself through her writing.  And, to be completely honest Ari has a way of writing poetry that gets to the heart of the matter always with a sprinkling of hope.  Keys Of Love is a love story, one that explores the depth of affection and humanity.  Keys reminds me of one of my favourite quotes from Victor Hugo\’s Les Miserables: \”to love another person is to see the face of God.\”  That is exactly how I feel as I read Keys. There was an iridescent lining throughout that screams to those who don\’t know love, to read this inspirational book, to comprehend it\’s important lesson which truly transcends life. 

As someone who has known Ari for a while, I mean, if you look, you\’ll see the foreword for Keys Of Love is written by me.  I am very aware of Keys Of Love and everything it offers. One quality that Ari likes to showcase are snippets of longer pieces that really pack a punch.  However, as much as I love them — I genuinely want more, I relish understanding perspective and the point of view of writers.  However, perhaps a Keys Of Love redux with all the extended poems from the excepts Ari used? (What do you think Ari?) 

Oh, and as if all that wasn\’t enough — Ari turned part of Keys Of Love into a journal for readers to write their thoughts or even their own poetry.  Ari loves to collaborate with her readers and houses a genuine desire for readers to reach out with their work inspired by her thoughts pertaining to Keys of Love or any of her other books for that matter. 

It\’s essential I add one more tidbit, this book was illustrated by one of the most talented artists I know, Valisa Bernardino.  The manner in which she draws these exquisite delicate keys is one that completely leaves me in awe! More reasons to LOVE Keys Of Love. 

If you\’d like to have all the extras that I did when I received my book, you are welcome to order your copy of Keys Of Love via Ari\’s website.  Trust me, you want these extras!!! 

*please note title is a direct quote from Keys Of Love. 

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