"Talk to me like, I\’ve never heard of poetry before."

poetry offers a duality 

   it allows for volatile articulation
       to ooze onto a parchment
   at times with ease 

    other moments permit
       melted metal words
         to form together
   at a foundry to manifest 
       a hard shell to obliterate 
           any misfortune 
     that may dismiss fortitude  

  the bottom line
     poems are letters 
        i scribe at times 
             for those i adore
         or even loath 

   absence structure 
      it\’s the formation 
 of strung letters bunched
    to form individual chunks 
 each cluster is the antidote
     to purge my tortured
 spirit from the vast demons 
      that haunt me

   however, i must admit
 poetry affords me appreciation 
      of adoration and illumination 

    how the manifestation 
       through my life 
             has transformed 
      from pure pitch
         to the ultimate iridescent  
                 and mirth 

     it\’s completely mesmerized 
         and at times rendered 
              me speechless 

*Title Quote: Georgia Melaris 

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