"People Can Live For A Hundred Years Without Living A Minute."







              s        z        l

                   i         z        e 


           my frontal cortex 

     which seeks an immense amount

       of oubliette riddled rooms 

    did you not know?

         a space that preserves 

  dorian gray? where time literally 

      lands right on your path 

         in the presence 

             of a 



some will spend their life 

   fist fight after fist fight 

   some will spend their life 

         surrender after surrender 

  some days we are the one\’s 

          to love 

              other days 

            we are the one\’s

   who are despised! 

        either way

             does it really matter?

 what is essential 

          is to live your life 

       in a manner where everything 

               is INCREDIBLY 












 *Title Quote: Gilmore Girls 

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