Suzie Kennedy\’s Singing Telegrams!

In the presence of a slowing heartbeat the global art industry, has been forced to modify how their income is earned, as so many companies are not planning on reopening until 2021. Suzie Kennedy has made such a alternation, and let me tell you about Suzie\’s ethic.  Given the current circumstance Suzie is obviously forced to record her greetings from home in the presence of Mork & Mindy, her two little cats.  And, if you contemplate that Suzie has cats that are fine being left alone in a room while she records video greetings for clients in another.  You are so wrong!  That is totally not the case, I\’ve seen fun outtakes of Suzie speaking and hearing her precious cats in the background.  Doesn\’t make for an easy sound free recording experience — yet Suzie perseveres. Mork & Mindy are the not only obstacles in her way, last week there was a bus on the street below her flat which made a tremendous amount of noise. Nevertheless, once again Suzie pushed through, within the silent cracks of time. 

I want you to know, when you order a greeting from Suzie regardless of what the occasion: asking someone to a dance, wishing someone a happy birthday, happy marriage or divorced depending, or even if there is that special someone you met during lockdown, this is for anyone and everyone regardless of age as Suzie is beyond innovative.  I know for a fact, that Suzie ALWAYS tailors each one of her salutations — inside a virtual small onyx crushed velvet box. This parcel may not house a pair of tiny diamond princess cut earrings but, does occupy within a tremendous performer who fancies what they do — riddled with a plethora of PASSION. 

I have to admit, I relish artists that house a sense of playful mannerism within  their idiosyncratic demeanour. The moment, I was introduced to Suzie, I was in awe of her.  Not because of her EXTREME beauty but, because of her seriously clever wit.  If there is a gift you have planned for someone and want to make it extra special, I suggest you honestly look into what Suzie has to offer because, it\’s genuinely fabricated with high levels of mirth and professionalism. 

Suzie can be booked via Cameo for all your notable occasions, here is the direct link .  And to keep up with Suzie\’s journey might I suggest you follow her on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and of course Suzie\’s site.  

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