"Not too thrilled, I risked my life for him!"

i admit it, i am a disney 

    junkie especially now since
       they purchased the star wars 
   franchise — nevertheless 
       there are other other umbrellas
           that include a specific musical  
      that i constantly watch 
          with my kids 

   i fell in love with descendants 
        it was right up my alley 
 or in some cases down the rabbit 
     hole — for a moment to comprehend 
        just because your parents 
   may be horrible messes 
      they\’ve genuinely 
          made their mistakes 

  with each millisecond 
     that passes each human
  has the potential to select 
     which course of action 
        is more suited 
      to their individual
the reason, i have selected 
     to honour descendants 
 is because today is the first year 
    anniversary of the death 
       of cameron boyce 

  time may heal 
      but there are some scars
          that never fade 

    and for the world to have lost 
          carlos at such a young age
               makes me sad 
        for this wolfling


*Title Quote: Descendants 2 

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