"What kind of magic spell to use? Slime and snails, Or puppy dog tails? Thunder or lightning"

can you hear my cadence? 

the effervescent delight 
to simply bounce up from a chair 
and dance. afford me a minute
please, my body can\’t control 
the synergy of movement 
which at present is a grounded 
experience.  something in the air 
permits my aura to surround 
a weary electrified body 
i can paint you a picture
if you would like? 

ok you ready? 

open ears 
shhh listen 

this auditory experience 
will force you to offer 
a token of appreciation
to be able to take proper
breaths — while the lightning bugs
gather to swirl in the neon ciel 

don\’t you see? 
           i\’m surrounded 

i am pure magique 
i house the ability 
in my tiny five foot two body

never underestimate 
the power of the human condition
i may be equally weak 
throughout some moments 

however, there are snapshots 
and personalised chronicles 
of this piece —  which allow 
me to pilfer the hues 
that surround me 

to use the sky as my own 
personalised canvas 
to pursue a true path 

*Title Lyric Credit David Bowie, Magic Dance
Inspired By Davide de Angelis 

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