I am not a musician, although my knowledge of music theory is enough to get by with a First Class Honours with Distinction in Preliminary Rudiments and slight preparation for my Grade 5/6 vocal exam. I am the type of person who sings in the shower, and is riddled with joy of being in the presence of music — whether it be live or listening to my favourite cassette tape.  No, I don\’t actually have my old cassettes but, I wanted to illustrate the point of evolution as it pertains to music. 

Technology is as such we have the power to be able to live stream performances.  I have NEVER been able to write my own music or lyrics, nevertheless I value the effort that not only goes into songwriting but the tenacity to perform whatever song it is, regardless of whoever that musician may be on stage.  Now, that being said, I wanted to share two experiences with you; the first concert that I attended was Sinead O\’Connor — at 16 years old and never travelled down town alone with a friend before.  It was an incredible experience, Sinead\’s voice always plucked at my heartstrings. I have to admit being in at a live venue with all the synergy for the people around simply steeped in desire to listen to their favourite band.  

Modern technology has afforded for someone in let\’s say Canada to be able to watch something that is happening UK, although the UK is 5 hours ahead of us. So my very last gig before lockdown was watching Tony Moore & iLO on the Bedford stage.  I remember that performance so clearly, the music was incredible.  It almost had a apocalyptic feel as it was the beginning of the pandemic, where everyone had to practice social distancing. Music has been afforded to us by MILLIONS of musicians globally, we need to be able to support them. 

Although, I am not in the UK I am a MASSIVE fan of two exports anything music & candy.  The amount of tunes that began as a thought no bigger than a speck on Horton\’s clover into something so tremendous it has the capacity to impact the entire world. Please support indie music and venues — they are going to suffer 
with the residual effects and must be supported. Venues in the UK and the world alike must be able to open their venues — it is so essential as we need to support musicians — THEY HAVE BEEN OUR SAVING GRACE — this pandemic.  

I have many friends in the industry that must be able to perform, I would not discount an open mind ready for an adventure — the world is filled with possibility.  Please also check out UK Music for more information on how you can participate! 

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