"That\’s so weird. Why would I be thinking of Pokémon at a time like this?"

It\’s quite remarkable 

how the same action 
decades apart affords 
various thoughts to funnel 
their way in or out of our cortex. 

When I stop to contemplate
about the times in between
I find, I am completely 
enamoured by what occurs
in those open spaces. 

For example — at a stove 
engaged in the deep fried
goodness of freshly cut potatoes
while murmurs of photographs ensconce 
me. I could allow my mind to procrastinate 
freely as it was just me in the kitchen.
I could envision dreamscapes while 
the oil bubbles with the drop of a fresh
french fry into it\’s tan inducement 
for proper consumption. 

I mean, am I right, no one relishes
an uncooked or soffy fry?! 

Now, take that freedom 
and pile on top of it a list 
of constant demands while 
in front of the effervescent 
hot fluid — completely engrossed. 

I\’ll tell you one thing, minutes 
go faster and honestly the oddest 
reflections start to flash before 
my eyes — like the cue cards
that I used to better comprehend
music theory.  What I attempt 
to convey is the thought process
that perhaps — I shouldn\’t
take for granted moments 
of which where I\’m permitted
to simply be at peace regardless
of the triple tornadoes which 
surround me to the bitter end. 

*Title Quote: The Flash 

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