"I\’ve been having these dreams. Mostly at night, but sometimes during the day. But they don\’t feel like dreams. They… they feel real."

time manipulation has never 

entered my mind, i\’m of the mindset
that things happen in life, that carry
our essence in a giant slingshot.
a projectile on its way into the abyss 
deep space orbit. there are moments 
where deja vu enters stage left 
you know, it\’s a real instinct
that you \”just feel in your jellies.\”

the accuracy of time is extremely 
synchronised not only inside


throughout the universe. i believe
more than ever now, in the magique 
afforded to us, if we simply open 
our optics and realise we stand 
on terra firma, with the knowledge 
that perhaps in the profound 
crevices of our brain. a storage
of stolen moments brought
back with the presence of certain 
triggers that eat at us, in a fashion
we just want to gulp knowledge 
by the canyon full. or is this concept 
simply one that plays havoc 
of a present victim open to both 
the gifts and darkness of the planet. 

one can not be accepted in absence
of the other, they are forever connected. 

*Title Quote: The Flash 

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