Interview with Georgia Melaris, Author of Daniela

I can’t write through the tears of appreciation to Georgia Melaris for such a poignant and beautiful interview. I have to admit, I genuinely gravitate towards strong women and Georgia like I said in my review of Daniela genuinely has MASSIVE brass balls.  She genuinely scribes with a sense of fearless tenacity. As a poet I can hold poetry in my mind based on a myriad of subjects but, NEVER plot lines to this caliber.  I finished Daniela, pretty quickly not because it was a fast-easy read, there is nothing easy about a life riddled with constant uncertainty and waiting for the other shoe to drop during moments of extreme happiness. It was just honestly that good of a story, I wanted more.  I still want more, did I mention I want more? I’m sorry, I just want you the reader, to comprehend that this story is one of love, endurance, tenacity, and a genuine cluster f*ck rollercoaster that will have you twisting and un in a consistent cycle throughout Daniela.  Georgia, I can’t wait to read part 2 and all the other Daniela branches you write.  I will be there to DEVOUR them all. You can get your copy of Daniela here! 

RMMW:  Have you been creatively blocked? If yes, how did you overcome it? 

GM: I haven’t been creatively blocked as you put it but I have lost interest. I know what to write, if I am to sit and write but I just didn’t want to. I have many stories to write and they are all floating in my head but I just did not want to. 

I overcame it because of you Rania. You did your research, found, and saw my novel, Daniela, and you lit my fire again; my desire to write came back too so suddenly, it blew me away. 

RMMW: Do you have any artist rituals before starting to write a new project?

GM: Rituals? If you call a hot bath with a glass of wine, then yes, that would be it otherwise no.

RMMW: We all must contend with an inner critic; how do you deal with yours?

GM: My inner critic is the most difficult to please. I am so hard on myself sometimes, that’s probably why I stopped writing. I try to tell myself that my work is good but I still don’t believe it so I give it to people to read and it’s when they come back and say they loved my work, at that moment, I realise that I must stop being so hard on myself.  

RMMW: Do you remember the first thing you ever wrote? How old were you? 

GM: I wasn’t really interested in writing growing up but I do remember a project we were given at school. It was to write an essay on a choice of subjects, I chose Natural Beauty. I thoroughly enjoyed writing it, I couldn’t stop.  My teacher awarded me an A+. Only another kid and I got an A+. I was about 14 years old. 

RMMW: What do you want readers to take away from Daniela? 

GM: This is a question for the readers. I would like to think they enjoy my characters experience and emotions and truly enjoy following her on her journey. 

RMMW: What experience made you want to scribe a Thrilling Seductive Romance novel? 

GM: I was a nail technician and a beauty therapist for over twenty-seven years in Cyprus. I spent more than hour with each of my clients, just the two of us. She would open up to me and tell what he did to her last night and what she did to him. It’s not all sexual. I was fascinated and thought these stories would make a great novel and so Daniela the novel was born. 
I had so much fun writing it. I wanted it to be daring and provocative. I wanted it to be different to the mainstream novella romances people read. I secretly wrote in detail, not crudely of course, but with style and elegance, describing the scenes carefully giving the reader just enough detail so they can let their imagination do the rest. I would like to say my erotic scenes are tasteful and definitely not pornographic. Nothing wrong with pornographic, don’t get me wrong. If one wants crudeness, then Daniela is not the book for you. 

RMMW: Any plans on creating a screenplay for Daniela? 

GM: I have never written a screenplay before, only edited them for other writers. I think now is the perfect time to turn my novel into a film script for the big and then adapt it for a T.V series. You, Rania Watts, have managed to get me back on track and write again. I feel like I have been deprived of something and now have it back in abundance. Thank you! 

RMMW: What is the most uncomfortable scene you\’ve ever had to write? 

GM: It is a rape scene in my novel. I only had on what the woman had described to me one afternoon during her appointment. It was horrific. I wrote it in so much detail that a reader told me she could not get passed that scene, so I had to go back and calm it down. I think even you told me you found it a bit disturbing. I will not remove it from my book because it is all true. It happened to someone I know, and I want it in there. All my scenes are taken from real life events.

RMMW: What is your favourite characteristic of Daniela? 

GM: Daniela is a fictional character. I have taken all these stories from many different women and created a lady and named her Daniela. The men are real people too, even her daughter. Everything Daniela lives and experiences are real experiences others have lived. However, having the chance to create this woman, I thought I will make her modest and kind. She has made a lot of bad choices, but the readers usually love her. Only one person so far told me she not a nice person but that’s okay, you can like her or hate her … Please judge for yourselves. 

RMMW: Do you ever watch people to get ideas for your characters\’ traits? 

GM: All the time, my characters are based on other people and their traits. I am sure that the readers will say ‘I know someone just like Paolo,’ and everyone else in my book. 

RMMW: Where is your favourite place to write?

GM: If I tell you I don’t have a favourite place, will you believe me? I have a pad and pencil in every room in my house, especially the bathroom. When I’m in the kitchen cooking or cleaning, all of a sudden, a scene, an idea a word or sentence will pop into my mind and hit me and so I must write it down now. I don’t choose to write at a certain time or in a certain place, I write when I get the calling, if that makes any sense.

RMMW: If you had a superpower what would it be? 

GM: It would be to be able to survive without sleep. I would love to be able to just get on with writing and not have to put it all away, shut down and stop my train of thought because I can’t keep my eyes open another second and I need to sleep. That would be amazing.

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