Marylebone Summer Festival 2020, Live

Let it be, Sung By Tony, 2019 

Today, Tony Moore, is hosting the Marylebone Summer Festival 2020 digitally. I will be attempting to live stream my music reviews as the festival goes on, posting after each act.  This is going to be a tricky venture but any excuse to review music right now. It’s so nourishing for my soul.  And, not to mention Tony has a tested record of genuinely having flawless taste when it comes to musical artists, he selects to showcase their talents. 

Hang on it’s going to be a long day riddled with exceptional music! So come watch!

2:35pm – MITZI IRISH

Mitzi kicked off the festival and sang with three original pieces which included: Fire, Float & Just you. In addition to London Boy by Taylor Swift. This young girl has such a promising future starting at just 15 years old.  The sweet quality of her voice in the notes she sings with such a tender echo, Mitzi is a lovely songstress & writer.  I still can\’t believe the talent she exhibits at such a tender age. It genuinely reinforces that music is authentically for everyone, an early or late start doesn\’t make a difference as long passion is followed.


Ayanam gets so lost in his music when he sings, when I write I call it trance mode where no one can reach me as I am so involved in the script that I am working on.  Ensconced in this body is a soul that bleeds music notes when he sings. All the songs performed were exceptionally powerful.  His rendition of Justin Timberlake’s Cry Me A River was in my opinion better than the original. Ayanam I found sings with purpose and doesn\’t waste any of the notes in his pieces. 


The minute James said \”rose tinted spectacles\” I was all ears as that has been a saying I’ve relished from a young age.  Old Hollywood houses some pretty powerful lyrics about motion and where we are as a society “maybe it’s time to design a better life” a lyric which totally hit me hard. And another reference that resonates, about the witching hour called Black Dog. James is one of those artists who is both letters and notes – meaning a simultaneous Poet/Songwriter.  James closed his set with Where the Lightning Lives – I could get lost in this all day long the melodies were tremendous.  James has the feel of a male Joni Mitchell.

3:30pm – KATY HURT

OMG! Katy is like the sweetest thing ever and houses such serious pipes with a frenetic demeanour during the performance.  It’s obvious Katy does not hold back and genuinely enjoys herself. Katy has tremendous bones to her music; I wonder if Katy is influenced by either Taylor Swift or Ed Sheeran as the flavour of the music reminds me of both of them simultaneously. The “See ya later…” run during the second song was exceptional and so emotive.  I equally relished the symbiotic call and answer during the last songs as both musicians played together.  It’s fun to see musicians enjoying each other,  makes for a captivating song.  


I am so familiar with Shannon’s voice, I heard her on Tony Moore’s Musical Emporium on May 16, not only does she have a tremendous voice but also a hell of an origin story.  The tracks that Shannon performed included Raining Hallelujah a song yet to be realised, which I strongly suggest you check out when stop reading.  Shannon’s second song Charge had me really thinking about different types of sparks that could occur to us as humans, the electricity we form with others through our connections. Firewalker was next, a song I’m not unfamiliar with. It is filled with pure tenacity. Shannon closed with another forthcoming song entitled Building which consumes my mind with so much imagery about growth and development.  

4:05pm – DAISY CHUTE

Daisy started her set with an unreleased song called Throne, about a breakup and various sides to the story and coping mechanism of how to survive a horrible separation. As someone who has endured a few bad break-ups, I find Daisy’s song writing very relatable. Daisy’s second song Lion Eyes,  inspired by a short story penned by Oscar Wilde called The Master, which now I have to go and read after this festival ends.  You know when I listen to Daisy sing, I can see the notes in my mind, and the individual bars, as the notes go up and down through the staff. Not only a crystal-clear voice but also one who has undeniable aura of emotion. Daisy’s final song is one that she has adapted for the lockdown, to thank the NHS and essential workers. Give Thanks has been adapted to Give Thanks to the NHS. Daisy, is one soul I will keep an eye on, it’s not just her talent that gets me but her humanity also. 

 4:25pm – LADY ORACLE

OMG! RIGHT AWAY SHE HAS MY HEART! Lady Oracle started with A Change Is Going to Come opening a dialogue and honouring BLM. And, let me tell you as a mother of 3 mixed children, advocating through music is one of the most important things we can do.  Lady Oracle’s second piece Don’t Silence All The Sound, is a testament to a truth that we should live by. To say her lyrics are powerful I think would be an injustice, as it is so much more than that. It hits you like ice cold water being splashed in your face, the reality of silence and what it really means. That level of silence is worse than anything as it renders human as indifferent beings. We must speak up. Lady Oracle’s last song Music Man, I can honestly say was so melodic and purposeful, this woman is incredible! 

4:45pm – ILO

I know ILO’s voice very well. I’ve said a number of things about ILO I will repeat here firstly, ILO has got to be the most adorable creatures on the planet being simultaneously Rock N’ Roll.  I could stop dead in my tracks wherever I am — to just listen to ILO.  The tracks ILO sang included: Love Me Like I’m Yours, The Other Half Of Me, Sing For You, and I’m Back all cemented constants to my playlist. The one song, I think which always hits me hard from ILO’s repertoire is Sing For You. I remember when it was first written and how I cried like a baby. Not only by the lyrics but the expression ILO used to fuel not only the music but also the pain.  I’ve followed her career for the last 5 years and like a fine wine ILO truly has grown as an artist and has totally come into her own in the most beautiful way possible. 

5:15pm – BURBANK

Decades ago, I attended a folk festival, when I heard Burbank’s first song, I was transported back in time sitting on a plaid red and blue blanket with eyes closed absorbing the music into my pores. Losing, had me closing my eyes allowing my fingers to dictate while I type as the music plays. The slight nuance in Burbank’s music reinforces their sound, mind you I am a huge fan of the acoustic guitar and a voice that matches their instrument bar-for-bar. I’ve been sitting here like a complete moron trying to think of whose voice Luke & Ash’s remind me of, they are so distinctive yet so familiar. I am going to stop comparing and simply appreciate the unique sound that Burbank offers.  This pair may be young in age but the years in their tree rings surpass it.    

5:35pm – HOPE WINTER

I was so incredibly moved by Hope’s music the moment I listened. I hear so many voices in my head when Hope sings, but she truly has such a unique sound. When Hope hits & holds the notes in the music she sings for a long count I just want to submerge myself into the melody, as the notes form around me.  The manner in which she maintains decrescendo and crescendo equally genuinely shows the balance and depth of control she holds during a performance. Not to mention Hope is truly adorable! I’d like to see Hope perform somewhere with a MASSIVE stage, the acoustics would completely blow the sound out of the water. It always amazes me to hear such a loud sound from a tiny little being, such a wonderful surprise when Hope opens her mouth to sing. 

5:55pm – MORGANWAY

Hooked from the first guitar chord, holy emotive music!!! I wish there were a dance floor I could pirouette around. I can’t believe the transition in the first song Let Me Go sang by Kieron and SJ, houses a duality between a strong rock sound and the gentle sweet sound throughout, the balance is undeniable.  NO WORD OF A LIE – GOOSEBUMPS! Burn Every Page, was the second song performed which was written during the lockdown. I can so appreciate the sentiment about wanting to just let everything die and starting fresh. Again, present with the duality perfectly leveled weight of sound. I wonder if that is a characteristic of Moganway’s music? It’s a lovely effect on the over all feel of their music. Burn Every Page, is bloody brilliant!!! I See People called for a change in performer within in the group, obviously because of lock down they are not able to sing together.  Callum sang with an immense sense of purpose. I close my eyes and imagine all of them together singing!!! Delight has been met with appreciation. 

6:30pm – LOST HOLLOW

I’ve been listening to LostHollow for some time now and my first comment is always the same.  Lorrie & Tom’s harmonies are RIDICULOUS. I mean, I am writing and listening right now and am unable to focus because all I want to do is just sit and listen. My fingers fight me as they want to squeeze every bit of emotion that I want to express as I listen. Now, I’m crying right, I had no idea that Landslide would make it’s way in with their whimsical and fun music. Between Looking For Happy which in its own right just makes you want to smile and get lost in the fun moments of life afforded to us we must appreciate.  And a song like Landslide riddled with questions of uncertainty.  Sung in this fashion consumes me with an intense sense of heartfelt motion. And to watch Lorrie and Tom perform together their body language is symbiotic – it\’s wonderful to watch. I am laughing right now, all of a sudden LostHollow started to the sweetest song about eloping called Runaway and it could literally have been written about me.  I love how lyrics imitate life! What a great way to end the show!

I would like to add a postscript. Tony snuck in another performer who totally killed it with their guitar.  You can always see the soul in Leoni Jane Kennedy when she explores her music.  The one thing I notice about Leoni is when she sings her facial expression match perfectly to a tee what she is singing. I wish she had sung a little longer — it was nice to have that extra surprise. 

I have to admit that was a fun 4.5 hours.  I am grateful to have been able to review and watch! ❤ 

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