“That itch, that fire in the back of your head. The siren song of a story that has to be written.”

poetry is my



        h                           h       

   e                           o        u  

         e                     s          e



there is something

                 about delicate

        words strung together

 to echo enraptured

        passion which fuels me

 with mirth


       content is of no


    a myriad of

       subjects encircle

            my mind and exploration

       is definitely required

                to be able to search

            in the micro core

                             of minutia

         so perplexed

                it could render

        the most detail

                  oriented person

            into a state of pure torment

                nevertheless there are human

                                 truths that must be shared

              and adhered to regardless

      of outcome


                lost at sea

      i can hear them

            as they beckon my fiber

                  all that i am devoured

          by the mists a story

                will travel to the edges

         of the earth to truly



           life affords us perspective


         time to take that antique

                snow globe with the essence

                    of those old ghosts that haunt

           our personal her/his/story

      time to proper

                regardless of terrain


     the ultimate story

           is housed in the one

                    we carry each

            and every


*Title Quote: The Flash 

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