the smallest person in the room

with the loudest voice is normally me

when my spitfire aura feels injustice  


my plasma undergoes a transmutation

of EXTREME rage – in part due to my lineage

i am able to sense the agony of those who


have been & continue to be oppressed

but when that ugly little piece of life

turns into a bile riddle decayed butterfly


which strongly impacts your spawn

you being to contemplate their ancestry

merged and the ache they must constantly


endure – my mantle has always and will

continue to be justice for those whose

hands are tightly adhered with one inch


chain links and a knee compressed

right on their the neck housed

with malicious intent — lady justice


requires her blindfold if she could envision

all the grotesque atrocities life has to offer

now fast forward decades later


when your children pick up your mantle

i’ve consistently been ridiculed

for the one who stood up for


the fundamental rights

of others now to see my offspring

devastated by the darkness


encourages me to fight harder

Inspired By Jordan Watts (@sorceress_of_punk), Black Lives Matter 

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