“Why are you still thinking about Bulbasaurs?”

There are a myriad of subjects that will always

make us shutter – regardless of when they’re

brought to the forefront of our consciousness.

Ugly bile riddled truths – time for change

echoes in the voices of those who desire

a civil movement that renders all humans


as equals. This is what I honestly don’t

understand – hate based on appearance.

I guess, the day when students learned


not to judge a book by its cover had been  

void of presence when the subject of equality

arose and its true definition. Being colour


blind is not the answer either, as it desensitizes

your optics – various shades of human hues

must be acknowledged.  Differences are not


horrific – perpetuating judgement based

on those qualities for a lack of a better word

renders dumdums – use of the word ignorant


would just be too cultivated as the actions

are quite childish. We don’t live in a world

of black or white – there are various shades


of colour that not only require acknowledgement

but also human decency and serious respect.

*Title Quote: The Flash 

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