“The guy is running in and out of a blackhole.”

What’s your impossible possibility?

    an oubliette splashed with glitter walls

           perhaps a fall down a vertical ingress

                  adorned with various sized 

                         elemental hooks

                                 procured from 

                   fire, air, water, & earth

                         to catch your essence before

                                 peril shows her obvious face


        perhaps a journey to a land

              that exhibits the rawest form

                    of freedom – where inhabitants

                           appreciate and acknowledge  

                                colour – perhaps your impossible

                         is a world that truly houses

                   the proclivity to be one

                        with our idiosyncratic 


                                      one dream

                               a tsunami vs a small tugboat

                         our voices may be one

                                  united they carry

                                       the desire and definition

                                              of what harmony

                                                        actually means

*Title Quote, The Flash 

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