HOUSE OF ART By Artemis Skye McNeil

Years ago I was afforded the opportunity to purchase clothing that had been originally from Harrods Department Store in the UK. There was a selction of garments that I could choose from.  I think it was 50% off the price so, I bought a pair of cobra printed pants that I still own. I understand exactly what it is that Ari is trying to say through her article, with regards to quality merchandise vs appreciation of labels that do not necessarily mean status.  Sadly in our contemporary society it does signify status, those labels do not breed a higher standard of living that perhaps will exceed the normal — I suggest you stop and read below. 

Rania M M Watts, Founder CCIQ Press 

HOUSE OF ART By Artemis Skye McNeil 

How many names do you see here? I hope it’s two. The one of the merchandise house above me and more importantly the one that defines me-MY OWN. I hope my own name popped out at you first. If not I have some work to do. I am the house of Artemis with a mind that dreams and designs, and a spirit full of goals, and visions, not just a body for a designer to advertise with. My own name should and will always be stronger than labels. I will wear the clothes they will not wear me (down). And while I appreciate beautifully crafted, well-made and classic pieces-they are worn for that- their beauty and timeless quality, not as a billboard or for status. Do not be taken in by the hype. The brands. The status. Whether it’s Old Navy or Luis Vuitton- choose your purchases wisely. Choose them because you love them, and can afford them. Not out of peer pressure or keeping ahead of the Jones’. Do not break the bank believing your worth stems from the names of merchandisers on your body that you are advertising for free after you’ve paid an arm and a leg to purchase them. 

A high end brand will keep its value more than assembly line products -yet still- second hand sites are full of those trying to unload “status” items for much less than what they purchased them for only to buy more. What a vicious circle. Remember YOU are your own designer. YOU carry your own label. Whatever you wear will either exude respect, or desperation, self-confidence, or a cry for attention. Take a moment to ponder if you’ve unintentionally been thrown on the brainwashing merry-go-round. Ask yourself if their name on your body is what gives you self-worth or why you feel the need to wear their name. I’ve done that exercise too. It’s very freeing from this commercialized system we live in. Then invest in yourself. Invest in your self-worth. Invest in saving for your future. Invest in the reputation and value of your own name. I promise you- it will be the most beautiful and worthy label you will ever wear.

This is an excerpt discussion of one of the themes I speak on with youth groups and older groups alike -to gain better understanding on influences posted all around us and bombarding us daily effecting our self-esteem. There is much more we openly process without judgement during this discussion as we understand the nature of public figures and necessary appearances, endorsements, Hollywood lifestyles, models, the fashion world, the limelight, and for those who make a living in the entertainment business and media. 

Artemis Skye McNeil is a powerful writer of relevant editorial issues for our day as well as heart provoking poetry and aphorism. Her much anticipated literary work, “Keys of Love (Opens Doors)” was released in March of 2020 awakening awareness of the nuances of Love through four Greek words, taking the reader on an internal journey of all of love’s emotions (philia, storge,eros,agape). “Her Wilde Heart (Beats strong)”, a color enhanced and expanded second edition of her highly acclaimed debut book featured at the “LA Festival of books”, now includes a 50 page anthology and interactive journal. Expected release date is July of 2020. Ari writes on women’s issues and has been featured in the highly acclaimed Feminine Collective as well as several anthologies for suicide prevention and children’s poetry. Her motivational speaking platform “The Happiness Habit” is an important message to young and old alike.  She is currently living in Atlanta with her husband and future dogs T-Bone and Tofu and is working on her third book. 

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