what do you think of when you are at the hairdresser, trapped without a phone?

         have you ever seen

                         dark fireworks

               light up the day

        in whispered



          can you imagine

                       it for me please?

               close those twinkly

          multi hued optics

               focus on a vibrant day riddled

                        with iridescent illumination  

                 from soleil’s very powerful reach

           now for a moment — toss

 merlin into the mix at the ready

     with his wand which always 

          plays havoc

              with anything

                   and everything

        as he is truly one of this earth’s

                most devious creatures

   he would look at the mundane heavens  

         and contemplate blue skies

           with white puffed clouds

    as not dramatic enough


       i can see it 

  he takes out his wand

 with a flick of the wrist


           stars come to life

 in the middle of the day

       a true beauty for everyone

            to behold and appreciate

      the reality of dreams

           and their ability

      to come true

Inspired By Anna Mazzotta, Pasq 

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