Today is one of my Quill Fated Scribes, MK McWilliams Birthday.  I\’m sure all of you by now have picked up on my birthday theme posts.  Our life right at present is riddled with so many inconsistencies — it\’s nice to be able to focus and share the poetry of a writer I simply adore. MK so graciously furnished me with these powerful pieces from her chapbook \”Jagged People.\”  How\’s that for a powerful title!! Which is actually available in MK\’s store Ink & Earth on the blog. While you\’re taking a look at MK\’s chaps look up Stereospace her latest book — it\’s utterly brilliant and explores various depths and types of space.

Happy reading. 

Dead Flowers I love flowers but not when  they sit on your tongue That mouth is filled with poison  and all it does is corrupt I knew it in my gut, knew it long  before the rest of me got caught up But we tend to never listen when  it comes to matters of the heart, and  everything I did just led to getting cut Like those flowers that sit, wilting, drying  out loud, I pull them from your mouth,  your lips tell lies and your  tongue becomes a shroud

Gentle Sometimes the only thing to do is survive  It takes our strength, more than we knew we had It takes our time, more than we wish it would It takes gentleness and care and will and might Coming out of the darkness does not happen in one step It is a long journey of murky gray before the dawning break of day So let’s be gentle with ourselves

Middle We weigh ourselves down  with these trivial burdens And focus on the burn when there’s a world out there filled with soothing relief But I don\’t explore it Instead I hide I hole up in darkness I listen to the silence I cry out my agony  And I bleed  I bleed I feel the life drain from me And I think, this is where I belong  In the middle  of life  and  whatever else exists

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