date to be determined

i bolt in the opposite direction 
engrossed in diabolical SCREAMS
upon my death the letters & syntax 
which fuels my fibrous core
will be flattened & obliterated 
no more delightful fonts 
from now on curves or nuances 
are obstructed by only 
o.n.e. – f.l.a.t. – l.i.n.e. 
it’s ok though
i am honestly at peace
with this – when you’ve spent
the majority of your life 
with some sort of utensil 
in between your thumb 
and index finger – you begin 
to realise the power behind
the distinctive triangles, circles,
& curly cues that flow 
and scribble forever 
all i can think at present
is how to finalise this letter 
it’s a love letter i wrote 
to myself – which holds all 
of life’s secrets – especially the ones 
no one wants to discuss 
in the boudoir — now i’m focused 
on two simple words that i may 
ponder throughout moments 
of tribulation – they are simple 
words —  can you guess them?
i\’ll never reveal… 
Inspired By Anna Mazzotta, Mourning Love Letters 

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