R.I.P. Chunky heel round studded boots

Spring 2001 – In lieu of a belly ring, retail therapy
              and serendipity discovered the perfect 
              pair of boots.

Fall 2001 – The cry heard around the world,
            thousands of deaths by one act
            of terrorism morphed inside
            incessant global fear. Emergency 
            crisis lines where mobilized 
            in all our departments.

Spring 2016 – About 10 feet away from the entrance
              where my youngest celebrated a little
              SK graduation ceremony, the front
              of my boot dislodged from my precious.
              Boots that flip-flopped their way inside
              held together with freshly chewed gum
              in the presence of our Mayor.  

Summer 2001 – A mundane day at work, found me
              the ideal mate – who I would ache 
              for – timing was not right though.

Winter 2001 – Not exactly ideal for a leisurely
              trek in the snow but, perfect
              when behind the wheel of a tiny
              indigo blue vehicle. 

Fall 2003 – Blue pinstripe pants, white flowy
            poet cuff shirt embellished with frill,
            and a faux fur three quarter length
            jacket adorned on my body during
            my whimsical nuptials. To my one
            and only twin flame.

Remarkable stories of inanimate objects 
keep us grounded in memory and appreciation 
throughout the pitch & illumination life affords us. 

Inspired By Anna Mazzotta, Catwalk

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