Freddie & Freda’s Underwater Adventure – Redux

My O.A.C. Writer’s Craft class
occupied a children’s component
inside of the incredibly H.E.F.T.Y. syllabus

I clearly remember, I was stuck
my wheelhouse has ALWAYS been poetry
a children’s book – perplexed me a little bit

I was seriously 
               into dark fantasy

               all the pitch in my brain suddenly
          rendered as irrelevant while
     forced to scribe a tale worthy
of perhaps Hans Christian Andersen

right, so, back in the days of old
      there lived two fish — flushed
           down the toilet in a fit of rage

   once all the bubbles cleared
          their descent into the murky abyss
                      discovered endless
                 creatures that lingered
           cozy inside of the profoundly
                        deep ocean trenches

         no welcome signs
               just a desire 
           to take
                 to promote 
              Freddie & Freda
                    to the literal catch
              of the day

     as home raised fish
           their plump crimson tangerine
                 bodies met their tragic
           demise in the mouth
       of a pork bellied anglerfish
             plasma coated the pointy
                  fangs worthy of any
                      insane vampire

Inspired By Anna Mazzotta, Under New Management 

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