optics feast

         read me
         read me
    as you write me
i need to see
  what appearance
      will transpire
  right now
  i’m completely  
  what i am
   all i know
     — i’m a thought
in your cortex
    who lingers
       inside the pure
   charcoal pitch
         select a nice word
  to describe my essence
do not reject me – i yearn
      to know the verity
                behind the now
        the conceptualized present
  passes in forty-eight seconds
       do you know the number
           of motion pictures
                   that could render
           a lifetime in a number
                  of seconds
                           please i beg
                   i await a moment
              to an auditory experience
                  i’d not anticipated
                      a fashioned

Inspired By Anna Mazzotta, he didn\’t understand NO — so she Drew him a picture

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