Keys of Love By Artemis Skye McNeil

Artemis Skye McNeil\’s latest book Keys Of Love, will soon make it\’s way to my grubby little paws. I\’m especially excited about this book as it has been kept under lock and key prior to its reveal.  And, I totally understand why Ari wanted to build the anticipation.  Keys Of Love is a study in well l\’amour with a little Greek twist.  There are four types of love that are explored throughout Keys of Love.  Ari was gracious and provided three of them for us with their definitions: Storge: a nurturing love which includes self-care, Philia: true friendship & Eros: romance/passion.  The final and fourth love, you\’ll have to discover for yourself when you read Ari\’s book.  I\’ve done very few forewords in my life, I\’m grateful to Ari to have given me the opportunity to provide an opinion of strong endorsement for this magical piece of love. 

Artemis Skye McNeil is a powerful writer of relevant editorial issues for our day as well as heart provoking poetry. As a Greek American she advocates that all voices have a fair chance to be heard and mentors women of various backgrounds with principled skills needed for self-respect and better quality of life.  Her debut book Her Wilde Heart has been received to excellent reviews and includes original photography by the author.  She writes on women’s issues and has been featured in the highly acclaimed Feminine Collective as well as several anthologies for suicide prevention and children’s poetry. Her poetic collections include handmade art available for purchase as well as one of a kind commission pieces. She loves languages, reading, cooking, photography, and the art of life in general. She is currently working on her second book as well as her artwork.

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