Sneak peak into Stereospace By Mk McWilliams

Given the current global climate, it has caused me to contemplate different scenarios and the depth of though that occurs in the space that surrounds us.  The concept of space is very fluid — but, if you really sit and think about it — things begin to make so much sense with in the understanding of conceptualized versification housed in the pages of Stereospace by Mk McWilliams.  Stereospace offers a Pandora\’s Box worth of lush imagery ideal for the philosophical humans who relish lingering on MK\’s thought process. I would encourage you to definately read this incredible poetry book.  


You kissed me with your fist
Careful not to show 
Any signs on exposed skin
You pushed against 
My mass and my meter
And I was ashamed 
To think it was love
Sitting on the floor 
Of the closet and
The tears never stopped
The fears never dissipated
But I stayed
I stayed until my mind 
Wore out my welcome
Until nothing was left but 
A shell of a girl


This car is moving too fast 
Down a one-lane road
Adrenaline in 
My chest and belly
But I don’t know 
Where this road leads
I don’t understand 
Where I’m going 
Or why I’m driving 
So fast
So fast escape to nowhere
A quick flash forward to nothing
I hesitate, but push through
I don’t know the route
Can’t read the directions
Unsure of my place
Unsure of peace
Unsure of
What\’s ahead

Healing, Not Repair

In the dead of the night
I felt too much and 
Other times not enough
The numbness I felt would have 
Knocked me to my knees if 
I could have grasped it
And when I was spiraling
Swirling in a haze of unease
I was sure, absolutely sure
I was far too damaged
To be beautiful
Until the day I realized
I was perhaps a little bent
Maybe a little bruised
But not broken

MK McWilliams is the author of the chapbook Technicolor Mind and Stereospace. She has been writing stories and poems since childhood. Her poetic work concentrates on the human experience interwoven with themes of mental health, love, nature, and social justice. She finds inspiration in living as fully as possible and enjoys immersing herself in forests, mountains, art, food, and music. MK lives in Texas with her daughter where she works in healthcare but is excited to move back to her home state of New Jersey in the spring.

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