Quinceanera Calamity

I can’t believe
       all this protocol
           it’s just another stupid party
     I would rather be outside
          in my black micro fibre suit
                      with my saber at hand
              as a sentry constantly
     at the defence of those
who require aid

       no one knows
               this will have to be kept secret
           if my parents had any idea
      of what I really do at night
they would completely
       go BONKERS
as it is not lady like
       to have a deep seated  
            need to play with sabers
     or katanas

         this all began  
               when I was five years old
                  my mother brutally murdered
           in front of me
       my father beyond devastated
         forced me to learn
       each martial art discipline
   recorded in human history
      at 13 I ran away from home
                    to join the carnival
            that had passed through town
                 they exhibited more acceptance 
          of my true dark and twisted
               nature and allowed me
                       to be a part
                            of their freak show
            6 months later  
                 my father had taken ill
          like a slave I was ordered
                to return home to take over
                the family business which dealt
                       with mundane old world of banks
                  and currency
          now this formal gown
   adhered to my body  
           I am sealed
     into a fate
 I don’t think
      I yearn for

Inspired By Anna Mazzotta, The Debutante  

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