COVID19 Experience By Spyros Melaris

As the Founder of CCIQ Press, I find it is essential that perseverance stories are to be shared. If we as a civilised society are to learn anything at all. I read a first hand COVID19 journey story from a friend\’s Facebook post and with his permission have reposted onto the Press. Honest, first account experiences with no hidden agendas allow readers to see the distilled truth chronicled in someones own words.  This is in no way a substitute for medical advice, if you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed below please seek a medical consultation — with a doctor or health care professional.

Spyros Melaris is the Creative Director at Magical Productions, Founder at Bags of Love – Homeless Essentials and Chairman and CEO, innovation and promotion at Sculptures In Sight. As you can read from Spyros\’ micro bio you can immediately see that this man is all for assisting global healing via a harms reduction approach. Please remember to wash your hands properly and adhere to all government mandated self-isolation advice until this is over. Self isolation, could very well mean the difference between death or illness and remaining COVID19 free.

Rania M M Watts, Founder CCIQ Press

COVID19 Experience By Spyros Melaris 

Firstly let’s start with the virus itself. Let’s try and explain the obvious characteristics, to ensure we\’ve covered the ground work before some get into an argumentative mood. There are numerous misconceptions, exceptions, and anomalies that argue that a virus is indeed alive, that it qualifies as a living organism etc. Let’s not get bogged down with that for the time being, and try to explain what it means to us in the real world.

COVID19 is a virus. It isn’t alive in its own right, it heavily relies and depends upon attaching itself to a host with the sole purpose of swallowing a healthy cell from that host body. Only in this way can the virus take the ‘life’ from the host cell and make it its own. This is the only way the virus can replicate itself, and into thousands of copies. Before it can get to this ultimate position, the virus has a set of objectives that it needs to qualify.

Although, it does not have a thought process, brain or conscious, it’s pre-programmed mission is to cause sever disruption, and in some cases kill the host body.

It tries to do this by;

1. Dehydrating the body
2. Attaching itself to the lungs to restrict breathing.
3. Performing this act millions of times until it has overwhelmed the host body.

We can all appreciate the desire to simply keep the virus out of our body right? You see, phase one is so simple that the virus COULD be squashed before it’s even started. Let’s say the virus finds itself on a surface outside, or in the office or home. If the virus is just left there it will eventually dry up and evaporate rendering it inactive. The bit that determines how long the virus will remain active is a sort of protein gel-like coating. Once that has been broken down, the DNA/RNA and other bits of information are no longer contained and protected.


This is rarely explained properly, and for whatever reason the governments, along with those teaching us were a little too trusting, that the general public are capable of taking simple instructions. Their lack of explanations and instructions were too blasé, and I believe they have failed us here! They made it sound naff, patronising, and childish that they forgot that we are individual thinkers, each with different requirements of understanding and detail. Especially the children!

As civilised people we have washed our hands all our lives. How can we be taught anything in this regard if ‘washing our hands’ is all it is? How would you instruct someone to wash molten tar from their eyes? That would require more detail and be taken more seriously right? Why is a specific and deadly virus left to chance? Maybe that’s why the spread of this virus has been so successful, and it’s Our own misunderstanding of what the hand washing is intended or designed to achieve? I would wager that some of you will have just read that and still not fully understand the actual function of washing this virus?

For me this is FAILURE No.1.

As explained earlier, COVID19 is made up of a few bits of detail such as DNA /RNA. This information will dominate the host cell once the virus has hijacked a healthy host cell. We have been told to wash our hands, but we haven’t been told specifics about what we are supposed to achieve.

The following are absolute requirements when washing the hands against COVID19.

1. Soap must lather up.
2. You must rub the lather against the skin. Imagine lots of tiny little gel-like beads with a hard gel outer case. The lather of the soap is being used to dissolve the gel beads until, the whole thing can be broken down and washed away as a slush like matter. I am trying to build a mental image for you so you actually see the mechanics of what you are trying to achieve here. You are not washing away germs, you are destroying a virus! You are attempting to dissolve and break down each virus cell from its protein-gel protective coating. This takes a little longer than just washing your hands. 

Boris had method in his madness when he told us to sing \’Happy Birthday\’ twice, while washing our hands. This is ideal as it creates a time-frame for the minimum amount of time required to spend washing your hands. Just one requirement, but sadly it didn’t explain that you should use warm/hot water, or that longer is preferable. A minute is ideal and will in turn greatly help to stop the virus in its tracks.

Intelligent people don’t like to be told ‘just do it’ they prefer logic and mechanical reasons why…”if you do that, then this will happen…” How many only wash the palms of their hands and not the backs? In Between the fingers and under the nails? Many ‘half truths’ have been bantered about… I\’ve heard people say…“the virus hates the Sun’s UV Rays” The virus hates the heat because it dries it up and deactivates it! If left on a surface, the virus can live a few minutes or a few days. It does not multiply on its own.
It cannot seek you out and move to your hand etc.

When you touch the virus it clings via little spikes to your skin.
Washing with just water isn’t enough. Hot water greatly enhances the viruses demise. A soap added to the mix further assists in the breakdown of the outer gel coating. Alcohol (At least 70%) hand sanitizer is very effective. The alcohol content of at least 70% will dissolve the gel coat. Be careful though, some sanitizer is alcohol free and these might not be as effective so check.  Hand sanitizers often contain ethyl alcohol (ethanol) , isopropyl alcohol (isopropanol), propyl alcohol (propanol)  all of which are different alcohols and are fine.  60% is fine, 70% is better.  

Others may contain benzalkonium chloride or chlorhexidine – these are less effective against viruses so check! Alcohol (At least 70%)hand sanitizer is very effective. The alcohol content of at least 70% will dissolve the gel coat. Do not just rely on hand sanitizer… WASH YOUR HANDS REGULARLY.

There’s so much to take in so maybe they just gave up, and stopped at singing Happy Birthday“?  Please take this very seriously. It\’s the reason why you might avoid this virus, and also the reason why you might stop it being spread to others. 

So what happens if you don’t wash your hands?

Say you touched the virus. You didn’t wash your hands properly if at all… then what? The virus needs to ‘stick it out’ and hope for a sequence of favourable events. It needs you to touch your face.
This way the virus can get closer to an opening such as your nose, mouth or eyes. Remember the mission is to get to the lungs. It will of course make its way wherever it can. Once in the mouth the virus can cling onto and penetrate the throat. If in the course of that journey you were to consume a hot drink for example, you could dislodge or flush the virus to your stomach. The stomach has an acidic and caustic environment, and the virus will ultimately meet its demise. At the very least if the virus was not dislodged the hot liquid would seriously compromise it’s gel coating by depleting it and further reducing the viruses likelihood of success.

It stands to reason that this is and I stress NOT a cure, it isn\’t even a certainty, If you have a sore throat, hot drinks with honey, lemon, and Ginger are always a favourite. This will not hurt, and we have already established that hot liquids will gently erode the protein shell of the virus. Every attack helps toward the whole. 
Another thing we hear is “drink lots of water!” YES, that’s a very good idea, but not because you will somehow flush it away. No. Drinking lots of water is so that you combat the dehydration part of the virus’s attack. Very important because while you are concentrated on fighting the sore throats, headaches and many other symptoms, you are secretly and quietly being dehydrated!

Did you know that it is near impossible for a hydrated body to have a heart attack? It is a near certainty that a dehydrated body will suffer a heart attack soon enough…. drink water regularly throughout the day. So while drinking hot drinks doesn’t stop it, lots of similar actions do slow it’s progress. And wastes valuable time for the virus. With every statement there is, sometimes a contradiction and perhaps this is why people fail to see the bigger picture. It doesn’t matter if the virus is alive, it doesn’t matter what the various theories say, and it certainly doesn’t matter what the flip side is to the multifaceted array of rules that come and go . When it comes to viruses. What matters is that you do the right things.

I can tell you first hand what this virus does, and in my own words and experience. I will show you where it tripped me up, and where the experts gave me information that wasn\’t absolutely coherent or even logical. In my visits to the hospital and ambulance attendances, in their own admission, they actually don’t know enough about this virus. And, what they do know is new information.

As a mind magician, I know that telling people “not to touch their face” is the exact same thing as sticking a magnet on each finger and making their face out of metal… and yet they role out their ‘experts’ on live TV instructing us NOT to touch our face as they proceed to do just that. One spokeswoman actually licked her finger to turn a page. (

Should we be given more information? ABSOLUTELY!! Or are we really that stupid that we simply won’t hear it? I’m in a very unique situation. I’ve suffered the virus in all its cunning twists and turns (I still am). I watch two others close to me, my sister a medical worker herself, and my nephews. I’ve been able to compare what we did right, what we did wrong, and the subtle differences of how the virus seemed to change to sidestep our every move. Just when we thought it was nearly over, a new symptom, and new challenges. We’ve been playing chess with this virus 24/7…

I will tell you about the things I was told, and the things I knew nothing about. Even now I can see that people do not understand the reason why we have been asked to stay at home. EVEN NOW. I wish I had the energy I would have done this as a live stream, it’s a fascinating subject for sure, and could teach our young and our old alike, why something as silly as washing our hands could have been the end of this virus!!

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