Cockroach Blueprint Volume 2 & Verity

Many of you who have followed me from the inception of my blog, before I finally settled on CCIQ Press are aware of my book Cockroach Blueprint that was released in January of 2017 via (KUBOA) An Art House Press. Well, I\’ve decided that I am going to write a Volume 2, originally when I had started this project I settled on a 101 various methodologies as I originally desired 1,000,001 ways to kill a cockroach but  — that seemed too insane!!  

Now, that being said, there is also another project that will make it\’s way to publication fruition around the same time as Cockroach Blueprint Vol 2.  My Poetry Dialogue book entitled Verity, which is steeped in conversations of all things; serious, silly, and thoughtful. I\’ve enclosed for you both my promo drawing for Cockroach Blueprint and image cover for Verity by our Resident Artist Valisa Bernardino — who has been with me since the beginning of this craziness. 

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